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hi new followers! i always feel kind of nervous after i get a slew of you. performance anxiety, you know?

welcome to the dollhouse! feel free to come and go as you please.

disclaimers: um, i talk A LOT about dean winchester’s face. also, i talk a lot about how ridiculously in love he is with his bff castiel. i like schmoop. i like ladies a lot. i like to chat and meta and u should always feel free to hit up my askbox — even if we disagree, i don’t mind chatting with you. please no anon hate.

i multi-ship, but tbh i mostly talk about dean/cas because they are life-ruining otp. but i do tag all ships, so hopefully that will help you to tumblr savior any ship you don’t like to come across. 

if there is anything you are triggered by and would like to see tagged in a specific way, please do let me know if i’m not tagging it properly.

i hope to get some writing done this hiatus, and when i do write fic i post here (feel free to prompt me!!!!).

love, nyoka

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