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since we’re on the subject of dean meta that is just gross. on top of the dean enjoys torturing, and the way fandom frames dean in many a d/c context, i keep thinking about how fandom ruins things i love? like endverse for instance. favorite damn thing in spn. and today i was just thinking about how i wish i could read endverse fic, but man, i can’t do it mostly b/c of the characterizations of both dean and cas. the abuser!asshole!dean and poor!innocent!woobie!victim!Cas dynamic is in it’s upmost extreme in endverse fic/meta. it’s pretty common in a lot of post-S6 fic/meta/fanon/tropes/kinks as well, but you see the way fanon distorts things so acutely in endverse fic. i mean, how many fics of dean torturing/raping/abusing cas does one need? and turning cas into this fragile weeping flower who doesn’t talk back or stand up for himself…that’s actually nothing like the cas we saw in 5.04, or in canon before or since.

but yeah, endverse now leaves a sour note in my mouth, not b/c of the canon — i loved the canon. but b/c of what fandom did to the canon, if that makes sense.

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  2. anneretic said: mostly i cry because endverse!dean is still DEAN.
  3. klytae said: In general a lot of the fandom-y tropes for DeanCas kind of irk me b/c I just don’t know where this idea came from that Dean’s this asshole douchebag who abuses Cas, & poor little Castiel is the victim … and not, yanno some BAFM angel of the lord.
  4. morethanslightly said: yeah, endverse fic is really not my thing either, but whenever i rewatch the ep i’m astounded by how much i love it. (i also spend most of my time thinking i hate gabriel bc of fandom, but in the show he’s mostly okay.)
  5. dirtyovercoats said: oh god literally top of my list of things fandom has ruined for me is endverse, with mischaracterisations within it but also how it’s so pervasive an idea that even outside of endverse that’s all some people can envision for fallen!Cas :((
  6. sirendean said: i was just thinking this the other day. i love canon endverse so much but i’ve only read a few fics because… yeah. i’ve thought about writing one but too much effort!! i want someone who understands it to though, i’m so tired of the ooc ones
  7. pumpkindemondean said: I never read endverse fic for the same reason, I prefer to leave the perfection of that episode unsullied in my mind
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