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hey lovelies,

gonna be on a lil’ hiatus for the next week or so. i’ll be at a conference all week (I’m on two panels and I’m sort of crazy nervous, omg, and still have to write out my presentations!)

thank you all who have left me kind words and notes of love this past week when the evil minions attacked. it’s meant a lot. i want to write you all thank you dean/cas porn at some point, hehe. totally feel free to leave me prompts in my inbox for when i return ;)

speaking of dean/cas, make sure you’re checking out the project i’m working on with anna, rae, katie, and jenny here: the pillow verse. we’re having a lot of fun playing together.


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  1. braceourhearts said: *squish* i’ll MISS YOU!! you’re gonna knock your presentations out of the park bb <3
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