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so i’m rereading this fic one of my lovely followers just recced me, and i look at the comments and see this comment:

omg. u r one of those people that believe dean is a bottom. the way u write SHOWS it. u guys just change everything upside down to make it possible.

wow, how fucking rude of this asshole to leave this comment on a fic. and wow, i like how “the way u write SHOWS it” — what does that even mean??? like really??

change everything upside down, lol. you mean actually write dean like he’s written in canon? as being a three-dimensional character capable of being more than some stereotype?

this irks me, as well as seeing the hate writers of omega!dean got recently b/c oh noes, can’t have dean being anything like that!!! when people bash bottom!dean, sub!dean, omega!Dean, and anything else that they feel diverges from some ~alpha macho male stereotype~, i shake my head so hard. because, do you even watch spn and pay attention to dean at all? so much more than a stereotype.

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  1. corvus-colluder said: I weep because you have just eloquently put all my frustrations about this into words. Bless you.
  2. braceourhearts said: 'where are people getting this idea that sub!dean and bottom!dean get bashed all the time????' jfc it's right in front of us that's where
  3. hufflepuffdean said: why does this keep happening @___@
  4. sweetestiel said: If people can watch that scene between Dean and Mary in 5.16 and still go on thinking that Dean isn’t a nurturer/caretaker with a very vulnerable and sensitive side then… idek.
  5. fire-of-fire said: i didn’t realise dean had ever topped in canon. Isn’t he always on bottom in all of his sex scenes?????
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